At least 6 people died as a result of a snow storm

At least 6 people died as a result of a snow storm

At least six people were killed due to the massive snow storm that swept the East coast. Strong wind and low temperature sometimes leave no exit for those who were unprepared for such weather.

Three deaths from the storm recorded in North Carolinaand one in South Carolinaand two in Virginia.

At least 6 people died as a result of a snow storm

Among the dead in North Carolina two men. Their pickup truck was demolished with slippery roads. The car fell into the river.

Virginia 75-year-old man clearing the snow in the Parking lot near the office. According to preliminary data, he died from injuries received in an accident with a snowplow. Another young girl slid onto the rails before arriving by train in Chester.

A resident of South Carolina died under the wheels of a car. She was not kept on the icy walkway and fell into the roadway, just before moving on the road the Toyota Tacoma. The victim died in hospital from the received collision injuries.

Data about the identity of the victims of the snow storm were not disclosed.

Meanwhile, Blizzard continues to rage. In some U.S. cities have dropped a record rainfall. In Tallahassee (FL) such a heavy snowfall not seen since 2010, and in Charleston (South Carolina) last up to 5 inches of snow fell in 1989.

Forecasters predict that the peak of bad weather will have on Friday morning. This day will be the coldest and the most snow for the entire storm.


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