Under new York detained a truck with cash and weed

Under new York detained a truck with cash and weed

On Thursday the government reported that the police port authority detained unregistered truck, which found more than $ 100,000 in cash. The vehicle was heading to the Holland Tunnel.

Driving a green van were 41-year-old Bentley Cumberbatch of Brooklyn, and inside were two more men. The car pulled up to the tunnel in Jersey city around 4 PM and the driver asked the toll collector bridge how much he had to pay for entry.

Under new York detained a truck with cash and weed

Noticing a suspicious odor, an employee asked for help to the nearest officer of the port authority, and when a police officer approached the van, he realized that the driver a strong smell of marijuana. Then Cumberbatch admitted that he recently smoked marijuana, for which he was arrested by the PAPD officers.

Officers searched the van and found the cash hidden in several bags, wrapped in foil, and several private bills scattered around the cabin. The car was unregistered and uninsured.

According to authorities, more than 106 $ 900 was transferred to the Agency for the fight against drugs. After working with service dogs, police found that money had contact with drugs and had traces of banned substances.

Cumberbatch was arrested on charges of possession of marijuana, driving intoxicated, money laundering in the second degree and driving an unregistered vehicle.

One of the passengers, Reynaldo Stewart, 35, from Brooklyn, was discovered the package, presumably with marijuana, so he was also arrested for drug possession. The second passenger, Damien white, 39, also from Brooklyn, was arrested for money laundering.