In new York light up the trump tower

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On the roof of the 58-storey trump tower broke out a small fire.

Monday, January 8, at about 7:20 a.m. to the skyscraper, located on 5th Avenue-profit fire services.

According to the FDNY, flames, it seems, broke out in a heating-cooling system of the building. Although firefighters quickly extinguished the fire, employees of the FDNY still check back to it spread the flames further.

At the moment open an investigation into the accident, in which the investigators find out that could start a fire.

As reported by NY Daily News, although the President of trump family now live in the White house, the commander of the United States has a luxury apartment in trump tower. At the time of the incident the President was not in the apartment — he was in Washington.

The correspondent of ABC News Aaron Koteski reported that as a result of a fire nobody has suffered.

There is a small fire in an electrical box at the Trump Tower. No injuries but some smoke

— Aaron Katersky (@AaronKatersky) January 8, 2018

MORE: Firefighters work to extinguish small fire on the roof of the Trump Tower.

— ABC News (@ABC) January 8, 2018