Mexican drug Lord surrendered and pleaded guilty

Mexican drug Lord surrendered and pleaded guilty

On Wednesday 11 January one of the heads of the Mexican cartel pleaded guilty to drug trafficking in the United States.

Damaso Lopez Serrano , nicknamed «El Mini Lic» was caught trying to cross the U.S. border. 29-year-old Lopez Serrano from the Sinaloa cartel recognized by the Ministry of justice of the most powerful drug lords, who voluntarily surrendered to the authorities.

Mexican drug Lord surrendered and pleaded guilty

The largest in Mexico the Sinaloa drug cartel in circulation for about a quarter of all drug trafficking from Mexico to the United States.

Damaso was distributing heroin, amphetamine and cocaine «literally tons», as stated in the report of the Ministry.

The investigation into the drug Lord began in 2011, when major operations were about 70 people involved in the distribution of drugs, they were in the Sinaloa cartel.

The operation began in California, after spreading on the territory of other States and even countries. In the course of operations of the detainees were seized 1 kilograms of methamphetamine 397, 2214 kilos of cocaine, 17.2 tons of marijuana, 95.84 kilogram of heroin and $27,892,706 «dirty» dollars received for drugs, according to the Ministry of justice.

«Condemnation Damaso Lopez Serrano deals a serious blow to the tip of the Sinaloa cartel and its activities in drug trafficking,» said acting assistant attorney General kronan.

«The administration, the Ministry and law enforcement officers determined to eliminate international drug trafficking networks that are poisoning our society».

Serrano, a famous instagrammer, on the page he posted for show guns, cash, sports cars and other attributes of the drug:

Mexican drug Lord surrendered and pleaded guiltysource: instagramMexican drug Lord surrendered and pleaded guiltysource: instagram

Mexican drug Lord surrendered and pleaded guilty

The case is the result of a Tactical unit to combat drug trafficking and organized crime, which combines the efforts of Federal, state and municipal authorities to achieve a common goal – effective drug.

President trump said in the campaign that will eradicate illegal turnover of narcotic substances, and the attorney General Jeff sessions not so long ago made a statement that the Ministry of justice cancels a course the former President Obama on the legalization of marijuana, and bans its distribution to authorized dealers.