In California parents are arrested, held in prison for 13 children

In California parents are arrested, held in prison for 13 children

Sunday, January 14, in the city of Perris (Perris, riverside County, California) police arrested spouses, held in captivity of their own children. A flagrant crime it became known only when one of the girls ran away from home, calling 911, reported that 12 of her brothers and sisters are in captivity, chained to their beds.

According to the riverside Sheriff, at the place of residence of callers to the hotline 17-year-old girl, the police did find 12 prisonersdetained in inhuman conditions. The youngest was barely 2 years, seven were adults at the age from 18 to 29 years. All the children were exhausted and so pale that it was possible to assume that they have not seen sunlight. Some looked so small and skinny that the police initially took them for students. The beds had discovered chains and padlocks.

In California parents are arrested, held in prison for 13 children

Six minor children taken for medical examination and treatment in the University Health System Riverside Medical Center in Moreno valley, adult directed at Corona Regional Medical Center.

Detainees are monsters, 57-year-old David Allen Turpin and 49-year-old Louise Anne Turpin, accused of torture and creating life-threatening conditions of children. Each court assigned bail in the amount of $9 million.

Interviewed neighbors said they are stunned by what had happened — many of them were not even aware that children are present. One of the neighbors said that several years ago saw Turbine with multiple kids decorated the yard for Christmas and praised them, but did not hear a word. In General, the family was considered unsociable

It is known that in 2011, David Turpin, with debts ranging from $100 thousand to $500 thousand, declared bankruptcy. At that time, he worked as an engineer at Northrop Grumman with an income of $140 thousand a year and his wife was a housewife. The lawyer of the spouses in matters of bankruptcy, called them «very nice people». Children he had never seen, but parents are always «very warm» comments about them. Louise Turpin told the lawyer what their close-knit family and how they love to drive the whole family to Disneyland.

Another interesting fact: the private school Sandcastle Day School, located next to the house of would-be parents that belongs to David Turpio. How is organized the educational process, is not yet known.

Any parent who dresses all there kids identically, when not twins, as well as including a motif that refers to the kids as «Thing» should have pricked someone’s conscience. The dad’s haircut is a giveaway too. #Perris #abuse

— Matthew Davies (@Melodyman007) January 16, 2018

This is the #Perris #California home where police say 13 children were rescued after officers found them chained to beds. Their parents now face torture charges.

— Chris Stewart (@CStewartWPTV) January 16, 2018