80-year-old raider robbed a Bank in Arizona

80-year-old raider robbed a Bank in Arizona

To live on a pension 80 years — not a limit of dreams. Some disagree with such a fate. Among them Robert Francis Krebs — despite his advanced age the man decided to Rob a Bank.

Last Friday in the office Pyramid Credit Union in Tucson, Arizona, entered the frail old man.

80-year-old raider robbed a Bank in Arizonasource: facebook

What was the surprise of the cashier when an elderly customer pulled a gun and demanded money. Employee of a financial institution, nothing remained but to give cash.

Having received the desired amount, the robber quickly retreated.

A lover of easy money have long been on the run. Failed to apprehend him thanks to the recordings from surveillance cameras and social networks. As soon as the police of Tucson posted a wanted notice, the Department asked the hotel employee, who tried to settle the old man.

Officers checked the city hotels and found one of them 80-year-old raider. Now he has to answer to the law for two counts of armed robbery.