A girl died on the dentist chair

A girl died on the dentist chair

A visit to the dentist caused the death of 3-year-old Dalasi Avila Hernandez of Stockton, CA. The girl died on the dentist’s chair during standard procedures.

Grief-stricken mother recalls that led the daughter to ensure that she removed two teeth and two more sealed. She brought a daughter into the office, and half an hour later she was carried out unconscious. The girl was taken to the St. Joseph’s hospital, but to save her failed.

The tragic incident occurred in the children’s dental surgery center in Compton. In the course of dental treatment body a little Delisi had a bad reaction to anesthesia, but forensic experts have not yet confirmed that this was the cause of death.

The administration of the dental clinic claims that the staff is highly qualified staff with years of experience.

After the tragedy in the dental Council of California announced that are aware of the incident, said that investigating the causes of the tragedy and expressed condolences to the parents.

Note that many dentists prefer to avoid pain when working with children because of the unpredictable reactions of the immature organism to the drugs.