The boy survived the injury to the skull of a huge screw

The boy survived the injury to the skull of a huge screw

Ridiculous and a terrible accident nearly claimed the life of 13-year-old boy MD last weekend, when 6-inch screw (tapping screw) is almost completely pierced his skull.

Last Saturday Darius Foreman built «tree house» in his yard. Suddenly, the branch under the boy broke off and he fell. On top of it fell on the head of a 5-inch Board, from which protruded the ill-fated screw. This tells the boy’s mother Joy Ellingsworth.

The screw pierced the skull and is located right in the middle between the two lobes of the brain. It showed an x-ray taken to Johns Hopkins hospital, where the victim was taken by sanitary aviation. Surgeon Alan Cohen says CNN, which, given the diameter of the screw and its location, injury could lead to a «catastrophic» outcome.

«He was inches from being to cause excessive bleeding,» adds the head of the Department of neurosurgery.

Since the screw was attached to the Board, rescuers had to saw off part of the tree, leaving the cut at 2 feet, so the boy can be transported. However, every wrong move could be fatal.

Surgery to remove the screw, and also formed as a result of breach of splinters of bone and clots of blood, lasted about 2 hours. However, before this best the doctors deliberated about 7 hours.

Surprisingly, after such a complex surgery, the boy quickly went on the amendment and on Thursday was discharged from the hospital. Screw, almost became lethal weapons, foreman was handed as a souvenir. Now the boy says he learned one very valuable lesson: «Never build houses on the trees.»

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