Explosion in Afghanistan: 40 killed, 140 wounded (updated)

Explosion in Afghanistan: 40 killed, 140 wounded (updated)

Today, January 27, in the Afghan capital Kabul the explosion occurred. The bomb hidden in the ambulance, took the lives of at least 40 people and wounded about 140.

The explosion occurred in a busy part of the city near foreign embassies and government buildings. Saturday is a working day in Afghanistan, so at the time of the accident the streets were a large number of people.

Explosion in Afghanistan: 40 killed, 140 wounded (updated)

Islamist movement «Taliban» almost immediately stated that its members are behind the explosion, which occurred just a week after the attack on the hotel «Intercontinental hotel» in Kabul. Then, during a 14-hour siege — from 21 to 22 January killed 22 people, including americans.

United States stepped up its assistance to the Afghan military forces have increased their air strikes on the Taliban and other militant groups to force the leaders to sit down at the negotiating table. However, the Taliban did not agree that their powers are weakened. They actively prove it using regular attacks and bombings.

#BREAKING: At least 40 people were killed and 140 others wounded in suicide car bomb blast in Kabul, the Afghan capital. Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack pic.twitter.com/XGQtyldYcG

— China Xinhua News (@XHNews) January 27, 2018