Well-known Internet activists did a similar suicide in Brooklyn

Well-known Internet activists did a similar suicide in Brooklyn

The network actively discussing the similarities between the two suicides Internet activists and fighters for freedom of information – the co-founder of Reddit Aaron Swartz and developer of SecureDrop James Dolan.

In early January of this year, James Dolan hanged himself in a hotel room Gowanus Inn and Yard in Brooklyn without leaving a suicide note.

Well-known Internet activists did a similar suicide in Brooklyn

36-year-old James Dolan — one of the founders SecureDrop. This platform is open source, which allows news media organizations to anonymously and securely receive information and to communicate with journalists and human rights defenders. Another platform was Aaron Swartz.

In 2013, Swartz hanged himself in his Brooklyn apartment, and leaving no note. In July 2011 against Swartz was being prosecuted for downloading millions of documents from online library JSTOR with the aim of placing them in the public domain. Many people believe that because of the harassment by the U.S. attorneys 26-year-old activist killed himself. He faces up to 30 years in prison.

While after the suicide of Schwartz were even rallies, death Dolan remained practically unnoticed, but supporters of the conspiracy theory believe that such coincidences in the deaths of the fighters for freedom of information is not accidental. «James was very humble and didn’t want someone talking about him, he loved the privacy,» reported the New York Post recently by a source close to the deceased.

Some say James Dolan, a former marine, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder after two missions in Iraqi.

Terror Timm, Executive Director Fund free press noted that Iraq has an impact on Dolan, when he decided to go into cybersecurity. «He wanted to help journalists. The war forced him to understand that the government needs to be more «transparent,» he said.

The Daily Mail reports that in 2015, James Dolan moved to San Diego. He returned to new york for the Christmas holidays, after which he was found hanged.