Order on Amazon cap for bath — and get a Scorpion venom from Ukraine (photo)

Order on Amazon cap for bath — and get a Scorpion venom from Ukraine (photo)

Inhabitant Californiums was shocked, but instead of caps for a bath… the blue Scorpion from Ukraine. But about all under the order.

As told in Twitter Megan day, a month ago, she for me and my friends ordered Amazon from the seller under the name RussianBear some felt caps for a bath with the inscription «Olhar».

Order on Amazon cap for bath — and get a Scorpion venom from Ukraine (photo)

Had come from Kharkiv’s the parcel — it was pasted dozens of brands and stood stamped) — was not caps for a bath, and a bottle of homeopathic remedies Vidatox manufactured in Cuba from local poison of blue Scorpion (Rhopalurus junceus).

«I just wanted to be stylish in the bath, tweeted shopper. Now I illegal the owner of the poison.» (Selling Vidatox in USA prohibited.)

Vidatox has not been approved by the Department for control over products and medicines of the United States, according to SFgate. According to experts of the cancer center Memorial Sloan Kettering (new York), the drug is not effective in the fight against cancer.

As this tool was in the package, where it should have been caps for a bath, we can only guess.

BOY DO I HAVE A STORY FOR YOU. I tried to order some felt sauna hats that say «oligarch» on them from an Amazon seller named RussianBear, for me and my friends who like to sauna, like as a joke (though I actually really wanted one) pic.twitter.com/uRZGzTKVFx

— Meagan Day (@meaganmday) January 25, 2018

According to the representative of Amazon Cecilia Phan, the seller is obviously confused of the parcel. The very same Megan dey later said that Amazon «no comment,» returned her the money for the order, and the seller RussianBear has deleted his account from the site.

«It seems that Scorpion venom is expensive, so if you have any ideas about how to benefit from this situation legally, I would be grateful [for them],» he joked Californian.


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