Woman on trial for the murder of her twin sister

Woman on trial for the murder of her twin sister

Anastasia and Alexandria Duval not only was the two twins, but also business partners. In 2016 with them was a tragedy: during a trip to Hawaii the island of Maui their SUV fell off a cliff.

First, law enforcement officials were convinced that this accident was an accident, but gradually began to appear unexpected details of that day. Local resident, Chad Smith became the eyewitness of how women were driving in his car on the highway. According to Smith, they were fighting, but Anastasia pulled at the wheel sister’s hair.

Woman on trial for the murder of her twin sister

In the tragedy of one of the twins – Anastasia – died due to incompatible with life injuries. Alexandria is much more fortunate – she escaped with a few bruises and a quick recovery. Almost immediately after recovering the woman was arrested on suspicion of the murder of his sister.

As it turned out, despite the fact that sisters practically did everything together, they lived, as they say, soul to soul. Ex boyfriend lost sisters, Keith Weiss, told reporters that the sisters were always quarreling and engaged in finding-out of relations.

According to the man, he with Anastasia once had a very strange phone conversation. The woman called him and said that if he does not come, she will kill her sister. When the man came, the twins met him as if nothing had happened.

Alexandria is accused of second-degree murder and pleads not guilty. Her lawyer said in court that the car accident is a tragic accident, not murder. This week, the judge shall render a verdict in the case of bliznyashek.

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— M, Josiah Anderson (@Conceptengager) February 14, 2017