Train with congressmen collided with a truck.

Train with congressmen collided with a truck.

The train, which went to members of Congress from the Republican party, derailed, faced with a truck in West Virginia. It is reported that the accident killed at least 1 person, and another suffered serious injuries and was taken to hospital in critical condition.

The collision occurred in Crozet, located about 15 miles West of Charlottesville. Dozens of congressmen were headed to the resort Greenbrier, where was held the party event. It is known that none of the train passengers was seriously injured.

On the scene of an @Amtrak train crash in Crozet. Police say it is a HAZMAT situation. #Charlottesville @CBS19News #Virginia

— Jack Durkin (@DurkinWeather) January 31, 2018

Congressman Dan Donovan told reporters channel ABC, that the victim was inside the truck. His name has not been disclosed. Besides him in the car were two more people who were taken to the hospital.

Almost immediately after the collision, members of Congress, past medical training, rushed to the scene to help the victims. They provided first aid until arrived the ambulance crew.

The cause of the collision is still unknown. The Amtrak representative confirmed that none of the passengers or crew aboard the train were not injured. The national transportation safety Board is currently «gathering information» about the incident.

Another look at the @Amtrak train crash in Crozet. #Charlottesville #Breaking #Virginia

— Jack Durkin (@DurkinWeather) January 31, 2018


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