A school shooting Los Angeles: 2 injured, student arrested (updated)

A school shooting Los Angeles: 2 injured, student arrested (updated)

A student opened fire in a high school classroom Los Angeles. It is reported by CNN, citing data from the local police.

The girl stepped into the school classroom Sal Castro at about 9 am and began to shoot at students standing there. The incident resulted in two students – a boy and a girl – suffered gunshot wounds. The boy is in critical condition.

An NBC reporter Jonathan Gonzalez in his Twitter reported that the bullet hit the guy in the head. Main office LAPD confirmed this information, adding that the wounded in the wrist the girl is in stable condition.

#LAPD 15yr old boy was shot in the head, he is in stable but critical condition. 15yr girl shot in the wrist, she is in fair condition.

— LAPD HQ (@LAPDHQ) February 1, 2018

According to police, minor injuries that are not associated with the shooting, also received a 30-year-old woman (probably a school teacher) and two other persons.

The student gunman was taken into custody by the police, and her weapon is withdrawn. Bye.LAPD gives no information about her.

Steve Zipperman the head of the police service unified school County of Los Angeles, said that the school remains closed, but at the moment the building is safe.

«We have school employees that provide psychological help, which are here to support students,» – said Zipperman.

L. A. school shooting so far:
–Two 15yo students shot in a classroom; one is in critical condition
–30yo female also injured (not a gunshot wound)
–Female suspect in custody
–At Salvador Castro Middle School, which shares the campus with Belmont High Schoolhttps://t.co/oIe5jmV82c pic.twitter.com/VPRV16VOAT

— Los Angeles Times (@latimes) February 1, 2018