In Florida thieves turtle eggs will sit in jail

In Florida thieves turtle eggs will sit in jail

For stealing eggs sea turtle beach County St. Lucieва two residents of Riviera beach, was sentenced to prison, according to prosecutors Florida.

As it was established during the investigation, on may 5 last year, concerned resident reported to the Department of wildlife Florida that unknown man ravages nests of sea turtles on the island North Hutchinson. Then the suspect was not detained, but the police found on the island of surveillance.

60-year-old Charles Lawrence Cobb, and 50-year-old Raymond Saunders was detained may 24, 2017, when they were transporting the eggs of turtles by car in the County palm beach. In total stole over 460 eggs that, of course, intended to sell.

Destroyers turtle nests was sentenced to 7 months imprisonment and 2 years supervision after release.

Marine biologists Florida returned the stolen eggs to the place in the hope that some still hatch young turtles.