Called the cause of the fatal collision of trains in South Carolina

Called the cause of the fatal collision of trains in South Carolina

In less than a day after the deadly accident on the railroad of South Carolina, the investigators failed to establish its causes. It turned out that the train Amtrak Silver Star with 139 passengers and 8 crew members on Board crashed into a freight train CSX due to incorrect position of the switches of the switch — the train was actually moving on its way.

This was announced during a briefing the Governor of South Carolina, Henry McMaster.

For the section of the railway where there was a technical failure, meets CSX Corporation.

At the moment the investigation of the tragic incident under the leadership of the national Commission on transport safety continues.

The Ministry reported that the task force group will study the situation 5-7 days, and only then will be released the final version about the causes of the incident.

Recall that the collision of trains happened to Casey in 2:35. The accident claimed the lives of 2 people, and another 116 were injured varying degrees of severity. The victims were employees of Amtrak, they were identified as 54-year-old engineer Michael Kempf from Savannah, GA, and 36-year-old conductor from orange Park, FL, Michael Sella.


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