In new York, a man drove up to city hall and shot himself

In new York, a man drove up to city hall and shot himself

This morning, February 5, unknown, drove up by car to the building the mayor of new York killed himself, reported the city police Department in Twitter.

According to police, the incident occurred around 7.30. First, there was information that the car drove straight into the gates of the city hall on the East side, and the driver came out of him and shoot himself. Later, the police said that the car didn’t hit the gate, and just drove up to him closely. The driver, a middle-aged man, was shot sitting behind the wheel. Personality suicide is not yet established as a motive of action and the choice of location for suicide.

Police called the incident «isolated incident» and urged residents to remain calm.

At the scene investigators and forensics, in connection with which the traffic temporarily restricted South of Centre Street (from Chambers Street to Park Row), as well as directly on Park Row from Broadway to Spruce Street.

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