A frightened horse caused the accident in new York

A frightened horse caused the accident in new York

Activists animal rights call upon the authorities to establish greater control over coaches after three passengers one of the tour vehicles were injured after the horse, frightened by the umbrella staged accident on the road on Sunday afternoon.

The incident occurred at 12:15. Police say the terrified animal ran through the southern part of Central Park, after which the carriage crashed into three parked cars. As a result of collision three passengers, after sitting in the carriage, was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

A frightened horse caused the accident in new York

The incident caused a wide public resonance, allowing the animal to talk about what the city authorities do not enough to to protect horses in new York, which leads to the fact that people’s lives are under threat. Activists say that the existing rules are outdated and that they have long require upgrading or even replacement. In addition, members of community groups New Yorkers for Clean, Livable, and Safe Streets (NYCLASS) require that officials have published the results of the examination of a horse by a veterinarian.

Terror on Central Park South as runaway horse carriage crashes into cars and sends injured passengers to hospital. When will @NYCMayor take action to enforce/reform laws & protect the public and horses as he [email protected] pic.twitter.com/G1FVQHzdC6

— NYCLASS (@nyclass) February 5, 2018

Christine Hansen, a spokeswoman for the city coach service, said that the horse named Arthur, and the charioteer who drove the carriage were not injured during the collision. Hansen also says that all employees of the service working tirelessly to ensure the safety of the horses, passengers and the public. «The fact that every incident connected with us, gets in the papers, is testimony to the security of our sector.»

The group NYCLASS has long been fighting for the ban of coaches. Lately, activists started a campaign for the adoption of a law that would provide greater protection of animals, including a ban on the movement of the carriage on times square and saves them exclusively in Central Park. The bill had to be tabled last year, but the former Chairman of the City Council, Melissa mark-Viverito, and has not announced a vote on this issue.