A California family is suing Starbucks for blood in drinks

A California family is suing Starbucks for blood in drinks

Family from California has filed a lawsuit against the company Starbucks for the blood in the glass, which accidentally took a SIP of their two year old daughter. Customers require giant compensation for moral damage and compensation costs of the examination.

February 6, 2016, the plaintiffs, Amanda and Louis Weiss, and their daughter mother and wife went to the coffee shop at 601 W. 2nd Street in San Bernardino and took the drink. After receiving the order, one of the family members noticed the glass of blood and a characteristic metallic smell of the liquid inside. When viewed from other glasses were that they are too stained with blood — and one drink already started to drink the girl.

As it turned out, the day family was served by the Barista working, despite the bleeding wound.

Having experienced the strongest stress, the family has requested from the company to employee immediately passed the blood test. According to court records, the Manager of Starbucks promised to satisfy the requirement, but the result was not followed.

The victims then decided to get tested themselves. Despite the fact that the HIV tests were negative, the victims were very concerned.

After the incident, the company Starbucks offered to pay $ 1,000 to each of them as compensation, but the wise refused. Instead, they went to the law firm Frish Law Group, which will represent their interests in court.