1.5 months 2018 fixed 18 facts of the shooting in schools USA

1.5 months 2018 fixed 18 facts of the shooting in schools USA

It’s only been a month and a half of 2018, while the US has registered almost two dozen emergency use of firearms in educational institutions, including shooting in Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland (Florida) in which 17 people were killed.

Here is a list of all registered in the current year the facts of fire in schools, universities, or near them:

1.5 months 2018 fixed 18 facts of the shooting in schools USA

  • January 3, St. John’s (mi). The first mass execution happened only on the third day of New year in East Olive Elementary School. 31-year-old man died from a gunshot wound in the school Parking lot.
  • January 4, Seattle (WA). The incident is recorded in the high school New Start. The shot was single, no one was hurt.
  • January 10, Sierra Vista (AZ). In the bathroom Coronado Elementary School, was found dead a teenager. The cause of death was a gunshot wound.
  • January 10 San Bernardino (CA). Recorded at least one shot. The bullet broke a window in the building of the University of California. There were no injuries.
  • January 10 Denison (TX). A stray bullet pierced the wall of the classroom in Grayson College Criminal Justice Center. No one was hurt.
  • January 15, Marshall (TX). Shots were fired on the campus of Wiley College. The sleeve found in one of the dorms. No casualties were reported.
  • January 20, Winston-Salem (NC). Student-football player from Winston-Salem state University was shot and killed at the event in Wake Forest University.
  • January 22, itali (TX). In the result of shooting a 16-year old semi automatic weapons in high school itali, injured girl.
  • January 22, Gentilly (La). Shooting close to The NET Charter High School was the cause of the injured 14-year-old schoolboy.
  • January 23, Benton (ky). 2 people were killed and another 15 injured in middle school Marshall County.
  • 25 January, mobile (al). High School student Murphy John Neal opened fire on campus. No one was hurt.
  • January 26, Dearborn (mi). From the car in the Parking lot in Dearborn High School was made a few shots. About injuries was not reported.
  • 31 January (Philadelphia). Weapons were used during the fight at the walls of Lincoln High School. 32-year-old man received a double injury, later reported his death.
  • February 1, Los Angeles (CA). In a random shooting was injured 5 students Salvador B. Castro Middle School in downtown Los Angeles.
  • February 5, Oxon hill (MD). The teenager received a gunshot wound near Oxon Hill High School. Fortunately, the victim survived.
  • February 5, Maplewood (mn). A third-grader, pressing the trigger at a police gun fired at the Harmony Learning Center. No one was hurt.
  • February 8, new York. Incident at Metropolitan High School. A teenager who committed a shot, was arrested. No one was hurt.
  • On 14 February, the County Broward (FL). A teenage autistic shot the former Alma-mater — Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School is 17.

The majority of these incidents ended without casualties and serious injuries, but that was only the beginning of the year. Apparently, legislators will still have to tighten the rules of acquisition, storage and use of weapons.


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