Foster family Florida arrow «polite»

Foster family Florida arrow «polite»

As a 19-year-old boy could become a murderer, constantly asking themselves the adoptive parents of Nicolas Cruz, shot dead on 14 February at the school of the Parkland (FL) 17.

Kimberly and James Snead even in a head did not come that with Nick, something is wrong. «We lived with a monster under the same roof, not knowing this, says in an interview with the South Florida Sun Sentinel Kimberly Sneed. «Everyone thinks it was obvious that we missed something. But it’s not easy,» adds her husband James.

Foster family Florida arrow «polite»

48-year-old James Snead is a veteran of the army, analyst at military intelligence, who served from 1988 to 1996, the middle East, the 49-year-old Kimberly, the nurse of intensive therapy of newborns.

They took nick when his mother (also adoptive) died of pneumonia and the boy was left an orphan. Nick once said that their house will be strict rules. «And he followed them,» notes James.

The couple themselves Snead grew up «surrounded by arms» (they owned their parents and friends) and therefore did not forbid her adopted son to have his own weapon — he was fond of hunting. From day one, as Nick moved to Sridam, it was stored in a specially purchased for this box. However, James was convinced that the only key to the safe from him. It turned out the guy made a duplicate.

According to Kimberly and James, Nick wanted to find a girlfriend and at times seemed lonely, but never expressed discontent or hatred against anyone from school and was never cruel to animals (2 dogs and 6 cats), planned to go to serve in the army.

«We have no idea why he did it. We did not notice anything suspicious,» says Kimberly Sneed. «What else could do this family? They wanted to do a good deed to help the guy left without parents, to find their way,» — said the lawyer of the spouses Jim Lewis.

According to the adoptive parents, the day of the tragedy Nick had behaved as usual. Saw the son, already in handcuffs, the Sheriff’s office, Kimberly ran to him, trying to get an answer: why?

«He said he was sorry. Asked for forgiveness. And looked lost, completely lost, says James. — It was the last time we saw him».

‘We had this monster living under our roof and we didn’t know,’ wearied Kimberly and James Snead say via @MailOnline

— Jessa Schroeder (@jessanne2010) February 18, 2018