The Americans claim that because of the color of the skin «Aeroflot» has sent them to India instead of new York

The incident occurred on 7 January 2018 in Moscow airport Sheremetyevo, however its details became known only recently.

Five Americans flew from new Delhi to new York with a stopover in Moscow. Upon arrival at Sheremetyevo airport revealed that the airport of new York can not take flight due to severe weather conditions.

«All passengers with whites» representatives of the Russian airline to offer alternative flights, according to the complaint the victims filed a United States Department of transportation. Five of the Americans of Indian origin refused to issue transit visas and offered to take a late flight back to new Delhi.

Otherwise, they threatened forced deportation, as they have the right to be without a visa in the transit area of the airport for more than 24 hours. In this case the victims claim that the statements of the representative of «Aeroflot» repeatedly sounded «the discriminatory remarks of a racial nature».

In the absence of any alternatives, the Americans agreed to return to new Delhi, where later flew to new York by another route. «Aeroflot» recognized the impropriety shown by his employees in relation to passengers, but categorically denies allegations of racist statements.