8-year-old student threatened a teacher with death in a letter

In Pontiac under investigation were 8-year-old student, because of threats against classmates and teachers.

As reported by the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, teacher at international Academy of technology (International Technology Academy) found the letter in which he was threatened with death. He reported this to the principal of the school, and he called the police.

After some investigation it turned out that the author of the ominous message was 8-year-old student of the Academy. During the interrogation, which was conducted in the presence of his mother, it turned out that the arrested boy was playing with a phone during class. The teacher took the phone, which caused a flash of anger the student.

Although initially it was assumed that the boy will be held in the office of the police refused to put it in the camera because of age, sent home under the care of the mother. Authorities ruled that as punishment the boy will be enough to pass a special course of adaptation for young people. What decides the relevant officials.

«In our law there are three legal means of influencing the offenders: criminal prosecution, the system of adult courts and more vigilant guardianship. According to the law in our state is difficult to blame children for the crime. Well, children under 10 years do not responsible for their actions,» said assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Paul Walton.