Shark seriously wounded man at a Hawaiian resort

A shark attacked a young swimmer on one of the Hawaiian beaches. 25-year-old man survived a meeting with a predator, however, he needed serious medical help. The victim was hospitalized with multiple lacerations of the arms and legs. Local fire Department took him to the hospital by air.

As reported in the Department of natural resources Hawaii, the incident occurred on Saturday around 9:30 Kikaua point.

Shark seriously wounded man at a Hawaiian resort

The Department warned that the beach can be found within 1.6 km from the scene closed as a precaution until at least noon Sunday.

The organization OCEARCH has recorded great white shark off the coast of Florida, near Jacksonville.

Hilton, 1,326-pound, 12-foot White Shark pinged just off the coast of Jacksonville, FL! @CityofJax @HiltonTheShark

— OCEARCH (@OCEARCH) March 28, 2018

The male is the size of 3.6 m and weighing over half a ton sailed close to the shore line on March 28.

Another shark was spotted April 1 in the Gulf of Mexico, near Louisiana.