In Brooklyn «the Elevator killer» crushed an elderly man

In one of the boroughs of Brooklyn was a tragic case, resulting in the death of 62-year-old local resident. Fell on his Elevator platform, which was illegally installed in the building a small indoor market — KP Farm Market, located in the heart of East Flatbush.

According to witnesses, two employees of this company have picked up the goods from the basement of the building and for these purposes to use a makeshift Elevator. At this time, at the bottom there was an elderly man. At some point he passed under the platform, lifting mechanism, and then its attachment broke, after which she fell straight to the man.

In Brooklyn «the Elevator killer» crushed an elderly manKP Farm Market Photo: screenshot from Google Maps

The police does not publish information regarding the name and surname of the victim and also does not say whether the man one of the employees of the KP Farm Market. The victim was urgently hospitalized in the nearest medical facility, but doctors only verified death. The injuries sustained by the victim if you fall on him, a makeshift lift was incompatible with life.

Law enforcement agencies in conjunction with the construction Department of new York (New York City Department of Buildings) found that the linkage was installed illegally, besides worked with violations of safety. In addition, the school KP Farm Market has repeatedly received warnings for other violations. Among them, two acts, made due to inadequate conditions of operation of the boiler, and the one associated with the faulty plumbing.

Now the construction Department will thoroughly check the whole building, to find out if there were any violations. The police also opened a criminal case and is investigating.