The apartment in Queens was found dead baby. The police suspect abuse

Three year old Bella Edwards, who was in the care of his stepfather, was found dead in his bed.

The police arrived on the scene April 2 at 6 PM.

«There were several firefighters and medical paramedics, who tried to resuscitate her,» said neighbor Doris king.

After that, Bella was sent to the hospital SV. John, where she’s been declared dead.

According to police, the child’s mother returned from work in the evening to your house at Beach 105th Street, where he found the daughter unconscious. During her absence, the girl had to look after her husband and Bella’s stepfather mark Jenkins.

A source from law enforcement told reporters PIX11 that the girl’s body was covered with bruises. It was discovered traces of the new injury and the earlier of the wounds and signs of sexual violence.

The mother and stepfather were sent to the 100th precinct in Far Rockaway for questioning, but not yet arrested.

In the apartment the day of the tragedy was also a 3-month old baby was taken to hospital for medical examination. Baby does not return to home until the investigation is completed.

Today, March 3, on the page Facebook the girl’s mother Samiki Gonzalez appeared emotional post in which she admitted that most misses «hugs and kisses her little girl.»

«It’s like a bad dream, but I can’t Wake up,» wrote the woman.

Bella I’m so sorry I wasn’t their to protect you. This feels like a bad dream I cant wake up from. You was loved by…

Posted by Shamikaa Gonzalez on Tuesday, April 3, 2018

My beautiful creations 💙💕

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