The most puzzling crimes of the United States: the disappearance of Judy Smith

These stories haunt the police, the relatives of those killed or missing, excite and fans to tickle nerves.

Why some crimes remain unsolved? The intervention is of unknown forces or just a coincidence? Let’s understand and build theory. USA today.ONE offers a story about the mysterious disappearance of Judy Smith.

7 September 1997 the father and son hunting deer in the Pisgah National forest in North Carolina, stumbled upon a shallow grave. The detected human remains were sent for analysis to the forensic scientists. Examination showed that the bones belonged to a white woman at the age from 40 to 55 years. The cause of death could not be established. But a DNA examination confirmed that the forest was found the body of 50-year-old Judy Smith.

The strangest thing about this story was that Judy Smith, five months before his death inexplicably disappeared from Philadelphia, a city located 1,000 kilometers from a forest in North Carolina.

The most puzzling crimes of the United States: the disappearance of Judy Smith

Five months before the disappearance. Last day

That day, it seemed, nothing foretold troubles.

April 9, 1997, nurse Judy, with her husband, attorney Jeffrey arrived at Boston Logan international airport to go to Philadelphia. When they started to check the documents, Judy discovered that he had forgotten the ID card. As Jeffrey already had an appointment in Philadelphia, the couple agreed that he will fly alone, and Judy is a later flight and arrive at the hotel where the couple was booked.

And so it happened. In the evening Judy came to Philadelphia at the hotel the couple discussed plans for the next day. As Jeffrey came to Pennsylvania for work the day he was scheduled conferences and workshops, and Judy planned to visit two historical sites: the Liberty Bell and independence hall. The couple decided to meet at the hotel at 17.30 to have dinner together.

The day of the disappearance

Judy was still sound asleep when Jeffrey had it. Waking up, she went into the shower, her husband smiled at her and said, «goodbye.» It was the last time Jeffrey saw his wife alive.

By 17.30 the man returned to the hotel room, but Judy was not there. First, of course, he was not worried: Judy could stare at the beauty of the city and be late, but at 18.15 Jeffrey began to worry. He reported the incident to the hotel Manager and he offered his assistance, and started phoning hospitals.

An hour later, Jeffrey called a taxi and began to drive around the places that Judy was going to attend in the afternoon. He went to the police, but they said that they had to wait 24 hours before they will be able to make a statement about a missing person.

Judy went back to the hotel. She disappeared without a trace.

The most puzzling crimes of the United States: the disappearance of Judy Smith

A strange message

Over the next few days the police will come numerous reports that a woman, like two drops of water similar to the missing, was seen in Easton (Philadelphia), and then in new Jersey.

Surprisingly, almost all described the woman as a person with psychological problems, «weirdo». So, in one of the hotels she was talking to herself and then loudly declared that her room would «pay the Emperor.» On one of the streets she seemed «disoriented».

Psychological problems would explain the disappearance of Judy, but the catch is that she’s never had mental health problems, at least, revealed. It is unlikely that they could occur in a quiet environment in just one day.

The most puzzling crimes of the United States: the disappearance of Judy Smith

Secrets of the terrible discovery in the woods

The remains of Judy was wrapped in a blue blanket. She was dressed in Hiking clothes, thermal underwear, as though he were making a long journey through the woods. Relatives of the women said that didn’t recognize a single one of the garments. In addition, Judy practically did not go anywhere without his bright red backpack.

Investigators initially considered as a motive of robbery, but the clothes, she found $ 200 in cash, and the finger left her wedding ring with diamond. In addition, the robbery, even if such happened, they did not explain how and why Judy was severouralska in the deep woods.



The police considered her husband of Judy as a likely suspect. But his alibi was impeccable (the day of the disappearance Judy he participated in the conferences). Also Jeffrey was obese, and he was physically not able to climb the steep forest trail to the area where the body was found.


Around these years in North Carolina wielding serial killer Gary Michael Hilton, but detectives have not found a single evidence to prove that he was involved in the death of Judy.


The local Sheriff considered that she ran away from Jeffrey for another man. Perhaps she is going to meet in the woods but on the way met someone who killed her (and maybe the killer was the same man). But Judy’s children from his first marriage and all the relatives in one voice claimed that the couple were happy and loved each other.

Whatever it was, questions about the mysterious disappearance and death of Judy Smith, who still remain without answers.