The NYPD increased security at mosques after the distribution of leaflets with threats «Day of retribution of Muslims»

The NYPD has decided to strengthen patrols near mosques and other religious centers. This is because the entire city was sent out leaflets with a call to conduct a campaign of violence against the Muslims.

By unknown authors promised to pay rewards to people to join the so-called «Day of retribution of Muslims«, which was appointed on 3 APR. The message States that it is the representatives of Islam responsible for all the ills of the white population of Europe and America.

The NYPD increased security at mosques after the distribution of leaflets with threats «Day of retribution of Muslims»

«They have caused you wounds and made your family suffer. They hurt and hit you right in the heart. What are you going to do about it? Do you «sheep», as a large part of our population? Sheep easily obey orders and allow the white Nations of Europe and North America to escape from those who wish us only evil. They want to turn our democracy into a Sharia police state. Only you can stop this, only you have the power. Don’t be a sheep» says the leaflet.

The authors of «messages of hatred» was offered to people to carry out various illegal actions against the Muslims. There was even a list of tasks for the implementation of which allegedly accrued points. It consisted of these points:

«Obscene remarks towards Muslims – 10 points

To pull headgear with Muslim women – 25 points

To throw acid in the face of the representative of Islam – 50 points

The murder of a Muslim – 100 points

Torture with the use of electricity – 250 points

To kill a Muslim with a knife, a car or a third – party subject- 500 points

To burn a mosque – 1 thousand points

Blow up Mecca – 2,5 thousand points»

The new York city police reacted to these threats with the utmost seriousness and in the coming days to strengthen the protection of religious centers, paying special attention to mosques and places of a congestion of people professing Islam. In addition, we increased the number of patrols on the streets.

Representatives of the NYPD said that already conduct operational-search measures against the authors of the leaflets. However, they noted – at the moment evidence about the growth of illegal actions against Muslims are not fixed. People are urged not to react to any provocation and soberly assess the situation.