In long island due to a drunk driver collided 5 auto: 2 people burned, 5 hospitalized

4 APR 2018 highway Nassau Expresswaynear the intersection with Burnside Avenue there was a terrible accident. 1:37 after midnight (local time) from five cars became participants of a serious accident, which, according to preliminary data, could be due to drunk driving.

Law enforcement agencies still can not provide a complete picture of what happened. We only know that after the collision one of the cars caught fireand the people inside were sandwiched crumpled body. As a result, they were burned along with the car. Doctors have to know if there was a crash victim conscious at the time of the fire.

Five other victims were taken to hospital with injuries. Among them are people who are in serious condition. According to witnesses, the cars were scattered across the roadway, several cars are not subject to recovery.

Law enforcement agencies have not yet known the causes of the accident, but admits that the culprit could be a drunk driver. Two participants of the accident, which was not injured, was arrested by police and taken to the nearest police Department. There is a version of poor visibility, because at that time on the road the fog came down.

«Now we have two detainees, whom the police suspects of driving drunk or under the influence of drugs. When questioned, the situation becomes clearer, we will be able to make a statement», — commented on the accident detective Richard Lebrun.

According to unconfirmed reports, the arrested were driving in different vehicles, so it is not clear which of them had been drunk behind the wheel. The identity of the dead people are established. Since the car is almost completely burned, the identification of victims is significantly complicated.