In new York the police shot the man with the pipe, taking her by the arms

Last night, April 4, in Brooklyn police shot a man with a metal pipe in hand, thinking it was a firearm.

In critical condition the man was taken to the hospital, but to save his life failed.

According to police, the incident occurred at the intersection of Montgomery Street and Utica Avenue in Crown Heights (Brooklyn). As stated by the head of the police Department of new York (New York City Police Department — NYPD) Terence Monaghan, 911 received a call that a man with a gun in silver color is on a busy street. «The suspect was holding an object in both hands like a gun and pointed it at officers, two of whom were in shape,» said Monaghan.

Four officers opened fire, making the man about 10 shots. But as it turned out, in the hands of sahila Vessela (the name of the deceased) was not a gun and a metal pipe.

The internal investigation, but the records from surveillance cameras confirm police said.

«The 911 call — it was not foul play, not an appeal too impressionable person, it was a request for help because people really thought that a passer – weapons and others in danger, — said the head of the NYPD. — When everything happens so quickly, the officers are obligated to act. We continue to investigate this incident.»

In new York the police shot the man with the pipe, taking her by the armsSource: NYPD