The skeleton, found under a house on long island, belonged to a woman who disappeared in 1966

DNA examination established that the remains found in March under one of the houses in Sawtelle (long island), owned by Louise Petrovich, missing at the age of 38 in October 1966.

«It just broke, I broke down and wept — confessed daughter of the deceased sandy Blamedwho was only 11 years old when her mother was gone. — I still can’t believe it».

The house, under the basement they found the remains of Louise, once belonged to her former boyfriend , William Boken, who, incidentally, worked briefly as a COP in the same town. Boken passed the main suspect in the case, but detectives couldn’t prove his involvement in the disappearance of Louise Petrovich.

Later, Boken married, became a father of 2 children, but family life he went wrong. One man was even arrested for beating his wife. After the divorce she and the children stopped all communications with him.

William Boken died in Queens in 1982, so for the body as nobody appeared, he was buried in a common grave on HART island.

In 2013, the basement of the house has already been searched, to no avail. In March 2018 the police decided to conduct another search — using special radar. Deep underground and was discovered the remains of Louise, wrapped in burlap.

The cause of death is not yet established — after so many years is almost impossible, but a forensic examination continues.

«I never forgot her,’ said the brother of the deceased Leo Jasinski. And I will never forget. She’s my sister.»

Louise Pietrewicz: For a daughter, there is peace and closure after mother’s remains found

— Tess B (@radioactv915) March 25, 2018