Missing in February researchers viruses Ebola and Zeke was found dead in the river

Missing more than 7 weeks ago , Timothy Cunningham, an employee of the Centers for control and prevention of diseases (CDC) of Atlanta, was found in the river near his home.

As told by the Sergeant of the fire Department of Atlanta Cortez Stafford, Cunningham was found by the fishermen, and in the place where they were looking in February. According to Stafford, this remote and inaccessible area of the channel of the Chattahoochee river.

Body much decomposed, of a scientist identified according to dental card.

Chief medical examiner Fulton County , Jan miner cause of death Cunningham called drowning, but noted that «the investigation is ongoing, so it is difficult to say was it was an accident, suicide or something else.»

We will remind, 35-year-old Timothy Jerrell Cunningham worked in a CDC epidemiologist and one of the things dealt with outbreaks of the virus Ebola and Zeke.

The scientist disappeared on 12 February. After he stopped responding to phone calls, his parents drove from Maryland to Atlanta. In the apartment of the son they found his cell phone, documents, wallet, keys and the dog. The place was and the car Cunningham.

The disappearance of the epidemiologist quickly overgrown theories, including conspiracy. Thus, according to one version, the scientist could have been abducted with the purpose to catch any deadly virus. But even if we ignore the speculation, the strangeness in this case.

First, the fact that Cunningham had disappeared, leaving the house keys, documents and money, while signs of forced entry into the apartment was not detected. Second, that day the man left early from work, citing poor health. Thirdly, the neighbour of the researcher, Viviana Sari, told reporters that the day before the disappearance Cunningham met her husband and asked him to convey Viviane, so she deleted your phone number.

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— Atlanta Black Star (@ATLBlackStar) April 6, 2018