Police prevented a mass shooting at Syracuse University

The police of Syracuse (new York) has learned that 22-year-old foreign student from China Saaten Zhang buys weapons and ammunition for the shooting of their classmates. Tragedy was averted, thanks to the care of the seller of the gun shop.

Local media, citing police, reported that Zhang spoke about his intentions to the other. According to the student, «dark forces» prompted him to purchase weapons, a bulletproof vest and a large supply of ammunition. When a friend asked him not to commit the crime, Zhang said in response that wants to kill as many people as possible, and the only one he intends to spare, was his friend.

However, the words of a friend of Zhang was not the only evidence in the disclosure of the planned crime. The police drew attention to the student when trying to buy a carbine AR-15, which has been frequently mentioned in police reports as weapon of organizers of mass shooting. Zhang was not a US citizen, but was in the country legally on a student visa, took a course in the use of weapons and got a hunting license. All this gave him the right to purchase the desired rifle, but the gun shop owner would not sell him the rifle. Instead, he secretly followed the Zhang and took down the plate number of his car to tell the police about the strange buyer.

Having studied the personality of the students, the police found out that he had repeatedly appealed for psychiatric consultation. In particular, he complained psychologists aggression, talked about suicidal thoughts and desire to commit mass shooting. All this became the basis for obtaining a search warrant of the home of Zhang.

During his departure for spring break in Mexico law enforcement officers searched the student’s house, found a gun and plenty of ammunition, then initiated a forced psychological evaluation of the student. Also he was expelled from the University, did his student visa null and void. Upon the arrival of Zhang from Mexico, he was immediately deported from the United States. Chinese police have been informed about potentially dangerous proclivities of the student.