During a fire in the Bronx, 16 people were injured, including children

The fire in Kingsborough heights, Bronx, was the cause of the hospitalization of 16 people, including several children. The flames broke out on Thursday at 23:46 in a residential complex on Heath Avenue near 193rd street. The cause of the fire was faulty gasket for waste.

The fire was extinguished at 1:20, but by this time nearly two dozen residents had to smoke inhalation. The condition of three of them was serious. Two firefighters received minor injuries.

Precinct investigated.

After a few hours in the Bronx, there was another fire, this time with a fatal outcome. The flames engulfed one of the apartments in the house at white plain road due to the negligence of the owner, who was the victim.

According to the fire Department, the cause of the fire was a heater standing too close to the mattress.

Per #FDNY Fire Marshals: Cause of 4/5 fatal all-hands fire, 3531 White Plains Road #a Bronx, was accidental, a space heater in close proximity to mattress. Smoke alarm present but not operational in the basement where the fire originated. 2nd floor alarm present and operational

— FDNY (@FDNY) April 6, 2018

The Department reminded residents about security measures, urging them:

    • do not place heaters close to flammable objects;
    • not to leave their heaters unattended;
    • do not use the stove / oven for heating.

Is your apartment fire safe? Find out what you need to protect yourself and your family! https://t.co/[email protected] @FDNY @NYC311 pic.twitter.com/XZ2VDDFqY9

NYC HPD (@NYCHousing) April 6, 2018