The baby died from the heat in a hot car, forgotten father

Would-be father of South Carolina left in the hot sun-car of his 10-month-old baby who allegedly died because of overheating.

The tragedy occurred on Tuesday, March 3. The representative of police North Charleston Spencer Pryor said that dad forgot to have the baby in the manger and went straight to work. After that inattentive man left child in the car.

When the mother came to take the child home, she was told that on this day he was absent. She immediately contacted her husband, who, realizing the danger of the situation, immediately went to the car, where he found the child unconscious. The man took the baby to a nearby hospital where he was officially pronounced dead.

The temperature that day reached 85 degrees Fahrenheit (29°C), which is 11 degrees above normal, according to the National weather service.

At that time, as police are still investigating the cause of death of the baby, David diamond, Professor of psychology, molecular pharmacology and physiology at the University of South Florida, talks about the scientific brain research that confirm that the so-called «forgotten baby syndrome» exists.

Diamond said that our brain works so that we can perform some tasks out of habit, without thinking about it. It is for this reason that a grown man can leave his child, when his «system memory habits» prevails over the «system memory for future actions». Professor compares this condition with the autopilot.

But we can’t exactly say that it is unconscious actions, or simply human negligence. But it is known that the case in South Carolina is not the only one.

In 2016, Justin Ross Harris was convicted of murdering his 22-month-old son Cooper, who died after he was left in a hot car for 7 hours. And last summer, a similar story happened in Florida, when a child died after a few hours inside the hot sun-car.