A bus with schoolchildren involved in an accident in long island: more than 40 people wounded

On Sunday evening, a bus with high school students crashed into a viaduct in long island, crushing the upper part.

The incident occurred shortly after 21:00 at Eagle Avenue, at Lakeview, near the Airport of a name of John Kennedy.

On Board were 38 children, 5 chaperones and the driver. The accident injured at least 40 people, two of whom were seriously injured, five-moderate injury, and some were removed from the damaged vehicle by rescuers. About 30 people escaped with minor injuries. Fortunately, no fatalities.

The bus belonging to the company Journey Bus Tours, taking students from the airport, where they arrived after a trip to Europe. The children were sent to South Huntington, where they were to meet the parents.

The footage from the scene shows that the roof of the vehicle shattered down to the headrests of the passenger seats.

In the scene of commercial traffic is prohibited from travel due to the low arches of the bridges. The cause of the accident was the negligence of the driver.