Topless protest: semi-naked woman attacked bill Cosby

Before the court hearing in Pennsylvania in the case of actor bill Cosby, protester, dressed only in the pants, rushed in front of Cosby with the words «women’s Lives matter.»

On its body in red ink was written the phrase «Women’s Lives Matter»and black — the names of the victims of abuse by Cosby. However, the police almost immediately took protesting, having put on it handcuffs and accompanied to the courthouse.

Nicole Rochelle, 39, appeared in four episodes of «the Cosby Show» when she was 12 years old. «The main goal, she explained to reporters after the arrest was to cause Cosby inconvenience. That’s exactly what he did with women for decades.» Rochelle added that personally she has not had any conflicts with Cosby during the filming.

Comedian bill Cosby accused of raping former employee at Temple University Andrea Constand in 2004. Constand claims that Cosby drugged her and raped her, while the ex-comedian denies it.

The case against the actor was launched in 2015, after several dozen women have made similar accusations against him. According to Cosby, all the sexual contacts were consensual.

The first trial in this case failed after the jury within six days could not reach a verdict about the guilt of the actor. 12 people — seven men and five women — over 53 hours of discussions could not decide on the guilt 79-year-old bill Cosby or not.