In new York city Park found the dismembered body of a woman

Yesterday, April 9, in the Park Canarsie (Brooklyn) was discovered dismembered female body.

According to police, a terrible discovery was made by a bystander, who immediately dialed 911. The woman was naked, her limbs severed.

53-year-old Robert Claudeliving close to a Park located at E. 86th St. and Seaview Ave., said that he saw the body, when walking in the morning with the dog, but didn’t call the police, thinking that the grass is a doll.

«She was lying at the end of the Park, about 10-12 feet away from sidewalks, said Clouden. — I just noticed the torso — he felt so small, not like a human, so I decided that this doll».

When the man went for an evening walk and saw police cars and yellow tape, he realized that it was not a doll. «I’m in shock. This is a very quiet area. In the summer the Park is always a lot of people,» added Robert Clouden.

The identity of the deceased is not yet established, the body is sent for forensic examination to determine cause of death. The investigation is ongoing.