Woman beheaded boyfriend and asked police to give her his head

Of roan Cheryl mills from West Virginia was arrested for the brutal murder of her boyfriend: woman beheaded him and asked the police officers to let her have her head.

The bloody drama was played on April 1 in the town of Lerona (Mercer County). And yesterday, April 9, the judge decided to conduct the examination for sanity detained.

That day the neighbors called the police to the house on Eden Valley Road noticed a suspicious person in the driveway. When the police went round the neighbouring houses, of Roan mills, opening the door, had a false name. On the left hand the woman wore a glove, and she was in the blood.

The hostess explained to militiamen that have cut themselves on the broken glass door, but when the police wanted to come inside, Roann almost attacked them. The woman was taken to the car — that’s when she began asking to return to «pick up head».

The headless body of 29-year-old Bo Allen white was discovered on the same day in another house. His head really was in the house of mills, which, according to her father, met with Bo white.

How exactly Roann beheaded her lover, the police don’t specify. Not established and probable motive for the crime. Will brought the murder charges, decides to psychiatric examination, and while the woman remains in prison.