Children jumped from balconies to escape during a fire in the dance Studio NJ

The group of children from Edgewater, new Jersey, managed to survive during the fire that broke out in the dance Studio, where they were engaged in at this moment. However, they had to jump from the second floor to escape.

The incident took place on Monday evening. The flames caused by the fault of the gas equipment, broke out in the Beyoglu restaurant on river road and quickly spread to an adjacent building.

The children were hiding from the elements on the balcony and began to throw down clothes and backpacks to make it softer jump. Adults tried to help them, substituting ladder, but very quickly it became clear that they were too short.

However, to stay on the balcony was impossible, as the flames broke out. Only one of the guys came down the stairs, another girl stumbled, other slipped the pole under the balcony, and the rest just fell down.

Despite the traumatic way of evacuation, all children survived. Five of them needed hospitalization, but the injuries were minor.