In the Texas border killed a woman and a yearling child

A member of the Texas border patrol killed a woman and her infant child near the border with Mexico, then called 911 and reported that he found the bodiesand, patrolling the territory entrusted to him.

Found that 28-year-old Ronald Anthony Burgos Aviles was in close relationship with the deceased, but whether it was a child, not yet reported. Now the detained border guard is in jail without the right of bail.

27-year-old Griselda Hernandez and her son, Dominic Alexanderwas probably killed on Monday, April 9, near the Park South of the bridge World Trade.

How Ronald Aviles killed his mistress and her child, police said. The man was in the border patrol for 9 years, and in 2017 even got a raise.

«It’s a terrible tragedy, — said the representative of border patrol Jason Owens. — What made this man, is unforgivable. And especially disgusting that he is wearing the uniform».

Investigators establish the details of the case, in particular whether the prisoner acted alone or in collusion with someone.

The Webb County district attorney Isidro Alanis said that it is too early to say whether the prosecution to seek the death penalty. «But, of course, get priority,» — said the Prosecutor.