Long island pit bull attacked the people: there are victims, including child

Three people were hospitalized yesterday, April 11, after the attack of pit bull Terrier.

The incident occurred in a home on Bieselin Road in Bellport (long island).

Police said Suffolk County, the pit bull was in the house of dogsitter — person providing care dogs. The dog was playing 7-year-old girl, as the animal suddenly attacked her, closed their teeth on the arm, and then just began to tear the body. The child’s mother tried to drag the dog, but he bites her. The third victim was another local resident, who had to hit a pit bull with a shovel to stop him.

Mother and daughter at a police helicopter was urgently taken to hospital to Stony Brook University. The woman’s condition is stable, but the child very serious injury. The injured man was also taken to the hospital his wounds were not life-threatening.

Officers of the emergency services managed to catch the pit bull. During the investigation the dog sent to the centre for the animals at Brookhaven (new York).

Who have injured the owner of the pit bull, is not yet known.