In new York unknown with a knife attacked a tourist from the cap MAGA

Sadly ended the journey of the Big Apple for tourists from Denmark. 18-year-old Anna Anderson was beaten by two young people who did not likethat he wore a cap with the inscription «Make America great again«. As you know, this hat has become one of the symbols of the campaign of Donald trump. The attack occurred in the afternoon of April 13.

The guy told me that during the tourist trip he had enjoyed a walk in new York and in one of the places purchased the aforementioned hat, just for fun. Anna planned to bring her to Denmark as a gift for his father. That’s where he ended up near the entrance to the subway station Union square, when he was being harassed by two unknown men.

«I was a little shocked. Up to this point I got only positive impression from walking around the city,» admitted Anna Anderson.

Young people, behaving in a very aggressive, asked: if he knows that it symbolizes this cap? After receiving an affirmative answer, they not only calmed down, but also ordered him to throw a hat. Of course, Anderson did not plan so easy to get rid of newly purchased souvenir. Therefore, the unknown attacked him, and began to Unscrew the hands, while trying to tear off his cap.

In new York unknown with a knife attacked a tourist from the cap MAGAPhotograph of one of the attackers. Photo: NYPD

In the end he tore my shirt and left a couple of bruises, but Anderson managed to escape from the hands of the attackers. Then the young man ran into the subway station, wanting to hide from intruders. But it caught up and attacked again. At some point Anna saw one of the assailants knife and realized that it is better to stop resistance. The guy gave the hat of the unknown and surrendered. Then only criminals left him alone and went away.

The police still have not found the attackers, despite the fact that according to Anderson managed to make a fairly accurate portrait of the man who was seen the knife. The victim does not understandwhy he was attacked, because he did not pursue any political goals. However, the same conclusion Anna Anderson came:

«I guess I shouldn’t have been wearing that hat. I didn’t know that someone will be offended and throw me your aggression.»