7 people were killed, 17 injured in a maximum security prison in South Carolina

Seven killed, 17 wounded — such is the sad result of clashes that took place tonight, April 16, in the men’s prison of strict regime Correctional Institution Lee that Bishopville. The incident was reported to the Department of corrections of South Carolina.

The press Secretary of the prison Jeff Talon did not provide details of the night of the incident, adding only that the victims among the personnel of a penitentiary institution no. According to Talone, 17 wounded needed medical assistance outside the prison.

Note, this is not the first incident at Lee Correctional Institution. So, in February of 2018 one prisoner killed another here, in 2015, he was stabbed 2 officers, and in 2012 the prisoners took hostage one of the guards.

Bishopville in prison serving a sentence of about 1.5 thousand convicts.