Hit by lightning: the man survived and is hospitalized after being struck by lightning on long island

Today, April 16, the man needed urgent hospitalization after he was struck by lightning on long island.

According to police, Suffolk County, the incident occurred around 10 am at the height of the morning storms. When affected by lightning man arrived, law enforcement officials and ambulance, he was conscious and talking.

About the affected know only that he was 48 years old and he is an employee of the construction company Roman Stone Construction Co., located at 85 S. 4th St. in Bay Shore. Now he is in Southside Hospital, his condition unknown.

Today was difficult for many residents of new York city and long island due to weather collapse. In this region began, so a heavy downpour that inundated the platform and the rails in the subway, a on the island, even railway carriages.

Overall, the weather is not favourable people across America: the Midwest (and the North) erupted unprecedented snowfall, and over the South swept over 10 devastating tornado.