The remains of 3 women found in one of the Washington homes in the forest next to him

Terrible discovery on Wednesday, April 25, did workers doing repairs in the apartment on the first floor of the house on Wayne Place, in the South-East of Washington, — women’s remains.

According to 47-year-old nurse Andrea Stevens, renting an apartment, the workers went down into the basement to fix some problem, and found the skull. Later, the police dug up the rest of the skeleton.

And on Saturday, 28 April, 2 skeleton found in the forest which starts right behind the house.

Today, April 30, police returned to the scene to continue the search for evidence or other bodies the medical examiner is trying to determine the time and cause of death of women.

«Our forensic anthropologist will clean the bones and try to collect each of the skeletons, said Roger Mitchell, Jr., chief medical examiner of the city. — We will then try to establish the age, race, presence of injuries. This process can take some time, but, understanding the concerns of the residents, we will make every effort to speed it up».

In the meantime, the DC community can only speculate. So, Mary Cuthbert, living in the area for decades, said that in the 1970-ies there were active serial killer Phantom. According to police, he killed 6 girls aged 10 to 18 years. The victims were raped and strangled. However, their bodies were found on the busiest roads and highways in Washington (D. C.) and Maryland, and recently found remains were buried.

Police are investigating all cases of missing persons, but only after the conclusion of the medical examiner will be able to narrow it down.

Of the 970 people missing in Washington in 2018, was found a total of 31 people.