A supporter of ISIL has confessed to the murder of a teenager in new Jersey

A staunch supporter of ISIL has confessed to the murder of a student from the town of West orange, a few miles from Newark (new Jersey).

Today, 1 may, 34-year-old Ali Muhammad brown, in 2014 officer shot dead 19-year-old Brendan Tevlin, needs to reach a verdict.

In March, brown pleaded guilty of murder, robbery and terrorism. In addition to the killing of the student, he admitted to the shooting of 23-year-old Dwone Anderson-young and 27-year-old Ahmed said, who was suspected of sexual orientation. At the hands of brown blood and a 30-year-old Leroy Henderson of the Skyway.

During the trial the defendant said that the killing was committed by Jihad, i.e. war against the infidels. Then stated that they made a mistake and repents.

According to assistant Prosecutor at the Essex County James Semper, brown could be sentenced to life imprisonment. The accused is only posing as a «Martyr», but in reality he is a cold-blooded killer, says Semper.

«He established himself in the radical views [dealing with ISIS supporters] on the Internet and took up arms against the state — their own state, provide it with constitutional protection and allowed to appear before the court and hopes for his mercy,» says the assistant Prosecutor.

Murder «was part of a comprehensive plan to kill Americans» in retaliation for the «millions of lives», which, according to brown, the US ruined the middle East.