The strongest earthquake on Hawaii: the volcano continues to erupt

Hundreds of residents of Hawaii were forced to leave their homes after the eruption of the Kilauea volcano on Thursday, may 3. But reigns on the Big island of fear and chaos increased another natural phenomenon — an earthquake measuring 6.9 points.

Earlier this week, seismologists have recorded about 250 small aftershocks with magnitude of 3.0, but on Friday (may 4) in Hawaii, has registered several more large earthquakes. One of them was the most powerful on the island since 1975 — 6.9 on the Richter scale.

Hawaii’s Kilauea Volcano has erupted. Molten lava bubbled up on paved streets and made its way near homes on the Big Island.

Nearly 1,500 residents were evacuated. No injuries have been reported.

— AJ+ (@ajplus) May 4, 2018

«The eruption of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. Molten lava bubbled on the cobbled streets and made their way to homes on the Big island. About 1,500 residents were evacuated. Injuries were not reported».

As a result, the disaster has left 14 thousand inhabitants of the island without electricity.

According to the U.S. Geological survey, Kilauea volcano continues to spew lava, presenting a danger to residents of the surrounding area. In the lower area of the community in Pune was opened, at least, three small craters, where there are active outbreaks of lava. Managing National Park Hawaii Talmadge Magno said that the eruption will continue.

According to Associated Press, around 770 properties are located in areas where flows of lava. As reported by the authorities of the Big island, two houses burned down in one of the rural areas.

Neil Valentine and his family left their home in Leilani Estates on Thursday evening. Soon after the man saw the videos on social networks, where it was seen that the lava seething a few feet from his home.

«It’s heartbreaking. My wife and I married 26 years, this was our dream home we were looking for all this time,» Valentine told reporters KITV.

Hundreds of people were evacuated from Lanipuna Gardens and Leilani Estates, home to about 1700 people.

Incredible video shows the ongoing eruptions from Mount Kilauea in Hawaii causing the earth to split, and fountains of lava shoot into the air on a street in Leilani Estates. #hawaii #lava #volcano

— Evan Kirstel (@evankirstel) May 5, 2018

«Incredible video shows the ongoing eruption of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, which cause the earth to crack, and lava fountains shooting into the air on the street in Leilani Estates».

In the Hawaii Fire Department reported another danger: in the area of evacuation was recorded extremely high levels of sulfur dioxide. Its inhalation may cause burns of nose, throat and difficulty breathing.

Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. It is located in Khawaja-Volcano — Hawaii volcanoes national Park. On Friday, the Park was closed, and all visitors and some staff were evacuated.