North Dakota woman shot their children and then committed suicide

Police Grand forks (North Dakota) during the morning inspection found a terrible sight: the dead woman, and three children, with bullet wounds.

After Thursday morning (may 3), children do not come to school Lewis and Clark Elementary School, the management of the institution has addressed in police with the request to check whether everything is in order. Upon arrival, the officers saw through a window the subject similar to the gun. After this they entered the house, where he found four bodies. As it turned out, they belonged to 35-year-old Astra Wolf and her children: 14-year-old Tyler, 10-year-old Aidan and 6-year-old Arianna Talmadge.

Posted by Astra Volk on Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Police suspect that the woman first killed their children and then zastrelyus itself. According to her roommate Paula Stevens, his family moved to the area about two months ago and rented a newly renovated house.

A week before the tragedy, Astra has created a page on GoFundMe, where he requested financial assistance for his family. Wrote that she and her two sons suffer from bipolar, manic depression and autism, so they need money for treatment.

«I need help to pay the bills for the month, and then stand up and find a new job. I try to stay positive, so will not appear again in the hospital,» wrote a woman on the website to raise funds.

Representative district Tracy Gantz announced that the government will consult about the incident with students and school staff.

Posted by Astra Volk on Sunday, April 5, 2015