Buckle up and live in the Houston 16-year-old girl was killed, barely unfastened the seat belt

Craze for teenagers selfie anytime, anywhere — rather offensive, more harmful. If it is thoughtless to neglect the safety rules, cool pictures for social networks can become a tombstone.

In October 2017, 16-year-old Kylie mills of Houston went with 3 friends on hellouinsky party. In the way she wanted to make a spectacular picture, and she unbuckled the seat belt — just in that split second when the car speed went off the road. Kylie was thrown from the car. She died instantly. The rest of the passengers were wearing seat belts and escaped with minor injuries.

The accident occurred a few blocks from the home of the deceased. As stated in the police, the driver was speeding and lost control.

Kylie’s parents, David and Wendy mills, took hard her death. And that grief does not suffer the other families, they started to advocate the use of seat belts. Millsy joined the social campaign Click It or Ticket («buckle up or pay»), which the Department of transport in Texas is conducting in the fight against the carelessness of drivers and passengers.

The campaign was created by the installation of hundreds of pairs of white shoes in different size and style — in memory of the nearly 1,000 peoplekilled in car accidents in 2017.

At the «Click It or Ticket» press conference today in Austin, David and Wendy Mills of Spring, shared their story about…

Posted by Texas Department of Transportation on Tuesday, May 1, 2018

«If you do not always wear seat belts, there are 929 reasonswhy you should [start] to do this: only in Texas last year killed 929 people due to the fact that no seat belt» — say the parents of Kylie.

In addition to the participation in the campaign against carelessness on the roads Millsy created a Foundation named after his daughter in order to encourage drivers and passengers every time to check they are fastened or not. For that, the couple regularly hold various events and promotions, spread in social networks information about the fact of what kind of trouble can keep such a simple thing as a seat belt.